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Bought at a cheap price from the Auction

Many auctions are held in all countries of the world to sell different types of goods and real estate, the reason is to get the best value for the items sold, as those interested in the offered are keen to evaluate its value and bid on it within the limits of their estimates. Auctions were held in a market designated for this, such as the cars or food market, and others, but the technological development transformed the form of the auction to be held electronically and on sites designated for that, and sometimes on social networking sites such as Instagram and others, with a live show or for a specific period of days.

This technological development has allowed many people to participate in the auction from their homes or offices, and it may be thousands of kilometers away from the auction place, and this does not allow the buyer to examine the exhibits with the naked eye, touch them and know all the details. Examples of this are real estate exhibits – they sometimes do not show the location clearly and how important the site is, as well as the correct evaluation of the property and rents in the area, and therefore those who wish to enter the auction need more of this information through a third party capable of viewing and collecting information and photographing the exhibits himself and displaying them in a report to be submitted to those who wish to participate in the bidding.

Panorama Consulting does this work with high professionalism, with its experts and consultants in different fields of business.

There are various reasons for holding auctions, some of which are to display the commodity in front of many interested people and launch competition to sell it at the highest price in a professional and transparent manner for trading. And among them is what is by order of the courts, which is often due to the owner of the commodity’s failure to pay a debt on him, so the court decides to offer it in the auction for sale and collect the right of the creditor from the debtor. Documenting and submitting a report on the supply, as Panorama Consulting does.