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Arbitration Services in Trade and Contracting


Panorama Consultancy work as arbitrators in a free capacity to resolve commercial disputes by peaceful means and before they reach the courts, and this means reaching a solution between the parties without the interference of the judicial authority or the police and travel bans and other measures that harm the reputation of the litigants – where we work in complete secrecy that allows the litigants to return to dialogue and business is normal. We have arbitrators licensed from international arbitration bodies specialized in business and contracting – they do their work professionally and professionally.

Many individuals prefer to present the disputes that arise between them – in which arbitration is permissible – to an arbitrator or an arbitral body. Among the reasons for their tendency to arbitration, and not submitting the matter to the judiciary due to the advantages they find in arbitration, are the following:

Arbitration is a confidential process

Arbitration enjoys privacy in that it does not take place through public formal procedures before traditional courts, in which anyone can be informed of their procedures.

Confidentiality in resolving disputes in sensitive issues between companies is a top priority for us at Panorama Consulting, and sensitive financial information and data related to the nature of the work are never publicly disclosed, as well as our keenness to avoid negative publicity and defamation of the parties, and this of course guarantees the parties to continue their good relations between them even after settling disputes.

Arbitration saves time

Arbitration is a fairly rapid process of dispute resolution in which the parties are heard and the dispute discussed immediately once the arbitrator is appointed without lengthening the formalities or procedures, while other alternatives are often slow and take longer due to red tape.

The arbitration process is also an immediate process in which the procedures are not referred to several other parties, but rather are dealt with quickly through a single arbitral tribunal. This is of utmost benefit in the event that neither party can wait for a long time and go through lengthy procedures.

We at Panorama Consulting guarantee businessmen and investors perfect time and people management in the best possible way.

Arbitration saves money

Arbitration not only saves time, but also saves money because its costs are limited to administrative fees, arbitrators’ fees, and lawyers’ fees, if any, which are lower compared to fees in the case of following traditional procedures. Arbitration is the most effective way to find a solution, regardless of the complexity of the dispute, starting with its clear and explicit method and ending with settling the dispute without the need to go through many stages and procedures, which may incur additional costs in the event of resorting to other alternatives to resolve the dispute. We at Panorama Consulting ensure that all of our clients receive competitive prices and high quality service.

Arbitration offers greater flexibility

Arbitration provides you with the ability to control the dates of the arbitration sessions to suit the needs of the concerned parties and their free times, thus giving them more space and freedom to start the arbitration procedures whenever they want, because the entire process is a flexible process, and the concerned parties have the right to agree among themselves on all major procedural issues such as the arbitration procedure through written documents or by oral hearings. That is, the arbitration parties, by agreement among themselves and coordinated by the arbitral tribunal, can determine the dates of the arbitration procedures and sessions and the various financial expenses and costs, leaving them to determine them and not impose upon them.

Appointment and selection of the arbitrator by the parties to the arbitration

An arbitrator or a group of arbitrators is not appointed except by agreement and consent between the parties, and the parties choose who will judge the dispute and a person they do not agree with is not imposed on them to decide a dispute related to them. Arbitration ensures quality and avoids the participation of any third parties who are not competent enough to resolve the dispute, by ensuring the selection of professional arbitrators with expertise in this field. Panorama Consulting is always working to update the list of expert arbitrators, to facilitate the arbitration process within the business environment that is constantly changing and this environment produces more opportunities, which may lead to the emergence of new professional risks.

Arbitration is a neutral, fair and independent process

Arbitration procedures should be impartial and impartial to any of the parties to the dispute, and there has always been an urgent need to develop such a concept and actually apply it on the ground. , and even personal, in the world of business and finance. From this standpoint, Panorama Consulting works to implement the concept of dispute resolution by impartial arbitration and to promote its spread through highly trained and skilled arbitrators, as well as being well versed in laws and various legislations, and wholly and completely impartial.